the shadows gave way to light (protoainsley) wrote in seattlegrace,
the shadows gave way to light

10 November 2005 (Thursday)

There are some interesting spoilers for the show in this week's Ask Ausiello. It does mention, in case you missed it in the opening credits last week, that Kate Walsh (Addison) is now a series regular.
lucadrina has a spoiler about Bailey (one that explains the teaser on the official website) here.

10 icons and blanks by onlywhen.
12 icons by hauteurs.
9 icons by kellslawells.
22 icons by rainblows.

anoel has started a Grey's Anatomy Secret Santa community. All the relevant details are in the userinfo for ga_santa here.

Editor's Choice
I really like neversince's 11 icons and blanks; of course, I'm partial to blues and greens. :)

I won't be doing the newsletter this weekend, and will probably only do it MWF next week, but that's in part because I have another something up my sleeve (*evil grin*), and also because I'm not certain how many links I'll be able to find daily while the fandom's getting on its feet. Don't worry, though, I'm not going anywhere, nor is this newsletter.

This isn't everything in the fandom, so if you have any tips, links, or suggestions, please comment or e-mail seattlegrace AT gmail DOT com.
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