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the shadows gave way to light

30 November 2005 (Wednesday)

Scans of two articles about/including Ellen Pompeo are at _ellenpompeo.
Video clips and interviews with the cast are available at
Promo photos for 2x11 "Owner of a Lonely Heart" and 2x12 "Grandma Got Run Over by a Reindeer".

Home (G, Meredith/Derek, AU post 2x07, WIP part two) by _forcemajeure_.
Redemption (PG-13, multiple pairings, through 2x09, WIP part one) by _chica02
Frustrating (R, Alex/Izzie, post 2x10) by farplane_queen.
Easy to Tell (PG, Izzie/Burke, through 2x09) double drabble by meltyoudown.

9 icons by _harmless_sin_.
6 icons by agent00.
10 icons by a_red_spot.
45 icons by back_to_better.
8 icons by hjordis_icons.
11 icons by hinder_.
7 Addison/Derek icons by crystalposey.
15 text icons by mandipanda.
10 text icons by my__bubbles.
30 icons by sistasouljah99.
3 icons by spookygal.
4 icons by thatfangirl.
50 icons by what_about_julz.
15 icons by yumesuke.

graphics and other images
Sketch of Cristina by sight.
3 Meredith/Derek wallpapers by imagineforever.

greys_lims is a new last icon maker standing contest for Grey's Anatomy.

This isn't everything in the fandom, so if you have any tips, links, or suggestions, please comment or e-mail seattlegrace AT gmail DOT com.
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