the shadows gave way to light (protoainsley) wrote in seattlegrace,
the shadows gave way to light

28 November 2005 (Monday)

Playbill has information about new recurring cast member.

To Peace (G, Meredith/Derek, AU post 2x07) by _forcemajeure_.
untitled ficlet (R, Alex POV, spoilers for 2x10) by i_phianassa.

4 cast icons by binglexjells.
6 Izzie/Alex icons by meridianrising.
2 GA icons and 5 Katherine Heigl icons by hide_r.
11 icons by jaimekeane.
4 icons by kwistina.
35 icons by mandipanda.
27 icons by mihasx.
25 GA icons and 7 icons of various cast members by miss_sarac.
20 icons by my__bubbles.
10 icons by nordmaedchen.
15 icons by sistasouljah99.
8 icons by spookygal.
7 icons by unwant3d.

graphics and other images
Cinematic Visions has caps for 2x06, 2x07, and the S2 credits.

This isn't everything in the fandom, so if you have any tips, links, or suggestions, please comment or e-mail seattlegrace AT gmail DOT com.
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