the shadows gave way to light (protoainsley) wrote in seattlegrace,
the shadows gave way to light

06 December 2005 (Tuesday)

Patrick Dempsey encounters a fan.

Anesthesia (PG-13, Addison/George, S2, WIP part one) by lo_plainlo.
Redemption (PG-13, multiple pairings, through 2x09, WIP part two) by _chica02.
Redemption (PG-13, multiple pairings, through 2x09, WIP part three) by _chica02.
Made of Glass (PG, Meredith/Derek, AU post 2x07, WIP part three) by _forcemajeure_.
Childhood Is The Smartest Stage Of One's Lifetime (G, Derek, drabble) by colourmayfade.
All the Small Things (a GA/Veronica Mars crossover) (PG-13, Lilly Kane/Bonnie Crasnoff, through 2x06, AU) by lila82.
Alone Again, Naturally (PG-13, Alex, Izzie, Meredith, Izzie/Alex overtones, through 2x10) by monack.

5 icons by __outdated.
12 icons by aphoristic.
16 cast icons by likegunfire.
24 icons by hide_r.
18 icons by iconwhore__.
6 quote icons by jaimekeane.
16 icons by hauteurs.
10 icons by lilchelles.
16 quote icons and 45 icons by mandipanda.
8 icons by megz33.
28 2x11 icons by morbidmuch.
8 icons by molls2208.
20 icons by rainblows.
15 S1 icons by unafraid_.
6 "team X" icons by veruca_salts.
10 icons by wafflemixrain.
4 icons by wafflemixrain.

graphics and other images
1153 caps of 2x10 "Much Too Much" by __outdated.
4 GA wallpapers by stephwutever.
3 photos of Ellen at a recent benefit.
Cast photo.

anniemoon is hosting a Grey's Anatomy friending frenzy here.
greys_rating is a Grey's Anatomy stamping community. For more information, go here.

This isn't everything in the fandom, so if you have any tips, links, or suggestions, please comment or e-mail seattlegrace AT gmail DOT com.
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