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seattlegrace's Journal

A Grey's Anatomy Fandom Newsletter
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The goal for this newsletter is to have it be your one stop for what's being created and discussed in the fandom for ABC's Grey's Anatomy. News, events, fanfiction, icons, art, meta, and whatever else the fandom generates will be linked to in a daily (when the fandom becomes active enough) update.

Any information about episodes that have not yet aired will be clearly marked as containing spoilers, for the members who choose to remain spoiler-free. Comments should also remain free of spoilers.

The reading journal for the community is sgh_reads. Let me know what that journal needs to friend, if there's a great source of fandom-y goodness I'm missing.

Tips and recommendations are welcome and invited, so if you find something anywhere on the internet, either comment on the most recent post or send an e-mail to seattlegrace AT gmail DOT com.